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Sunday, January 13 Ergife Palace

Beginning of the Master Class at 3.00 pm
Access to the Master Area at 1.00 pm

Basic Masterclass Beto Perez € 49.00

Vip Masterclass Beto Perez € 79.00
Prima Fila, Easy entry, Photo with presenter, limited number

Nb: Special event not included in any Roma Dance All Star Package, event with limited seats!
Tickets available online.
For security reasons, the Hall Service staff is authorized to request inspections and not allow entry with prohibited items.
Custody is not guaranteed. It is forbidden to introduce bottles, glass objects and any other blunt object that may cause damage to oneself or others (such as knives, scissors, helmets) It is forbidden to introduce banners or flags of any kind, food or drink of any kind, it is forbidden to introduction of unauthorized professional cameras for the purpose of dissemination or marketing.

How to get the pass
It is necessary to print the purchase receipt sent by e-mail and present it to the desk together with the copy of the document of who made the transaction and will have the pass to access the event
The passes will be delivered from 9.30 am and will allow access to the event as early as 10.00 am.

No tickets will arrive at home. Thank you